At the Lenmed Nursing College our goal is to develop and sustain nurse’s who add value to the communities they support by:

  • Providing formal nursing education and training for competent nurses
  • Promoting positive patient outcomes through critical competencies established in general and specialist nursing units
  • Promoting the development and growth of nurses through upskilling Short Learning Programmes
  • Promoting the socioeconomic status of the community through community involvement projects

All our Lenmed Nursing College Programmes are established with a view to developing the potential existing in previously disadvantaged communities. We will continue to develop underprivileged communities by ensuring sustainable development through job-creation and professional development in the healthcare industries.

The Lenmed Nursing College focuses on a student-centered approach to teaching and learning ensuring that students are recognised as independent, adult thinkers accountable for their own grow and development. The courses and support activities that are available to all students are directed at promoting both personal and professional development.

A Student Representative Council (SRC) promotes the interests of the students by:

Promoting the unity of nursing students at the College.

Representing nursing students in all matters affecting them.

Promoting student participation in projects and activities initiated by the College.